Present Junction is a nomadic gallery that produces solo shows of local and international emerging artists’ work. Staging exhibitions as events in unconventional locations ranging from alleyways and rail paths, to public parks and vacant lots, we provide a fresh way for people to view and invest in emerging contemporary art.

We also have an online gallery, where additional works are available for purchase. Please get in touch if you see something you like.

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Julia Burton

"The point of curating any show for me is to produce an alternate zone where the mundane is not necessarily present and the surreal slips in the door."

I am an artist and curator currently based in Toronto, Canada. I opened Park Gallery on Queen St. West in the mid 2000's (just prior to the massive gentrification of the neighborhood) wanting to create a public space for collaborative social experiments where people could connect and raw, experimental and outsider art was encouraged. Park Gallery events ranged from Consumption Records, an event where one could 'buy' cassettes of music recorded by local musicians if they performed a song replacing the original words with their own or if they drew a picture to show in the gallery, to a clothing swap / design and production studio where those in attendance were invited to assume the role of designer or model to create bizarre new clothing out of unwanted clothes and strut the new designs in the gallery turned fashion runway. After a couple years on Queen Street, I shifted to curating shows in my apartment out of interest to experiment with privacy, intimacy and the control of a hidden space.

For me, the purpose of Present Junction is to foster my interest in hosting surreal and unusual art events and stimulate dialogue between artists living in Toronto and with those based in other cities such as Berlin, Baltimore and New York.

Katie Kehoe

"My curating style stems from my impulse to embrace the absurd and engage the everyday."

I currently live in Toronto, ON and frequent Baltimore and NY. I returned to Toronto in June 2012, after receiving an MFA at the Mount Royal School of Art, Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD and staying in the US for another year to gain experience in my field. Prior to that, I completed the Canadian Film Center Media Lab's Interactive Art and Entertainment Program in Toronto (2007); took classes as a non-degree student at the Ontario College of Art and Design and earned a BA Honors from Saint Mary's University in Halifax, NS (2002).

Throughout my training and practice as an artist, I have often taken on curatorial projects and initiated unique social orientated art events that range from producing a performance party series and artist talks, to artist salons, gallery shows, festival exhibitions and site specific art shows. Past curatorial experience includes: Salon de Quelque Chose, which I co-directed with Julia Burton at Park Gallery in Toronto, ON; conceived and produced Greater Than One Artist Salon at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD; co-curated SUMmore Speak, a series of artists talks with Rafi Ghanagounian of Keep Six Contemporary; curated We(ll) Read and Dance Floor Assembly at Gallery 500, at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD and Crowd Surfing Art and Artists at Transmodern Festival, in Baltimore MD. I also worked as a curatorial intern at the Power Plant Contemporary in Toronto, ON (2009) and a curatorial assistant for the Black Male Identity Project in Baltimore, MD (2011).